Trainings At WOTR


A wide variety of training programs are conducted by WOTR that include design and implementation of demand-based training modules in watershed-based natural resource management, community mobilisation, application of IT to project management, entrepreneurship development, etc. This is undertaken at our training centre at Darewadi, Ahmednagar district, as also at various watershed and client locations across the country.

A part of this is the development of processes, instruments and mechanisms that help individuals and organisations to capture, archive and process data and information in a manner that promotes and facilitates learning, insight, adaptation and behaviour change. This in turn results in increasing efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability and makes the organisation into a learning and knowledge entity.

WOTR’s training programs are of 3 types:

Design your own program: the organisation can specify and design the program content according to its own training needs and participants.

Regular programs: WOTR has its own schedule of regularly conducted programs. Participants from any sector can pay and participate.

Our sponsored programs: Sponsored programs are specifically designed and subsidized by a sponsoring organisation, for NGOs, Government Officials, Corporates or even individuals. These are on invitation only.

Trainings in India

Since 2002, WOTR has conducted residential training programs for implementing and donor agencies regularly. Representatives from NGOs, government, forest departments, corporate and other institutions have participated in these. WOTR regularly hosts large numbers of visitors from all over the country who come on exposure visits wishing to learn from our efforts.

International Trainings:

Since 1993, Exposure and Dialogue Programmes have been offered for individuals and institutions, both in India and abroad. The exposure gives individuals an opportunity for first-hand experience of our work as well as to savour the flavour of life in a rural environment. These exposures-cum training programmes offer the participants a live-in experience of village life in the rural areas of Maharashtra thus providing an understanding about the ground realities.

Participants from Azabaijan, Bhutan, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Ethiopia, Germany, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Mexico, Nepal, Nicaragua, Somaliland, Srilanka, Sudan, Switzerland, Tanzania, United Kingdom, United States of America, Vietnam, Zimbabwe and Australia have attended these programmes.

Darewadi Learning Centre

Located in a once remote, drought prone village in the rain-shadow region of western Maharashtra, Darewadi is now a fully and successfully treated watershed. It is 80 kms away from Ahmednagar. The Watershed Training Centre located here, endeavours to give the participants first-hand experience of the field and its people, thus fostering understanding and learning of the various aspects of watershed development.

Types of Trainings in WOTR

See WOTR’s Annual Training Calendar for training events.

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