Capacity Building & Program Support for Watershed Development and Natural Resources Management

WOTR’s primary focus, since its inception in 1993, has been capacity building of and support to NGOs and CBOs in Watershed Management. The objective is to mobilise the self-help capacities of individuals and communities to regenerate the eco-spaces or watersheds they live in, harvest rainwater wherever it falls, use it productively and undertake sustainable livelihoods which takes them out of poverty.

Program Management and Resource Organisation for large-scale projects in Watershed Development

NGOs and village Self-Help Groups (SHGs) are guided by WOTR to undertake environmental regeneration through trainings and hand-holding support. Over the years,several NGOs and Government. Project Implementing Agencies (PIAs) of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan were accompanied in bilateral, government and other donor funded projects, with the objective of increasing capacities of NGOs and of the local communities, especially vulnerable groups, to adapt to climate change and to undertake adaptive measures that mitigate vulnerabilities.

Our support has benefited over 6,14,255 people in 883 villages in 31 districts (25 Maharashtra, 3 Madhya Pradesh, 2 Rajasthan and 1 Odisa), and has helped rejuvenate over 4,66,612 hectares of land.
We are also provided program management and Resource Support for several large scale projects:
  • Indo-German Watershed Development Program (IGWDP), Maharashtra
  • Resource Support Organisation (RSO) for Vidarbha Distress Development Program in Maharashtra (PM / NABARD)
  • Resource Organisation for Rural Development Interventions in South-East Madhya Pradesh
  • Resource Support Agency in Tribal Belt of South Rajasthan