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Enkindled Hope, Resurgent Spirits

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(English;VCD; 21 mins)

The successful implementation of a Watershed Development Program not only improves local water resources and agriculture activity but also improves social cohesion, helps the women’s sector, micro finance etc through the “watershed plus” activities. The self help groups of the women give them a space to come together, discuss their problems, hopes and work out ways ahead collectively.

For many of the women, the SHG gave them the opportunity to step out of their houses, experience the world outside their own villages and built up their self esteem and confidence. All these are the steps on the road to empowerment.

Vaijubabulgaon: A story of transformation

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(English, VCD, 41 mins)

Integrated watershed development brings with it a drastic transformation in the face of a village. It not only regenerates natural resources, it also brings alive the watershed community who have come together, often for the first time, to work unitedly for own development.

In VaijuBabulgaon (TalukaPathardi, District Ahmednagar), despite three consecutive years of severe drought, the village still had sufficient water for drinking and for their animals. This is their story in their own words telling of the process they went through, their understanding of the work and the transformation it brought about in their lives.

Dongaon: U Turn to Fortune

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(English, VCD, 21 mins)

Dongaon (Taluka Biloli, Dist. Nanded) was a village divided into two political factions. A rivalary so harsh that any work involving the entire village community was impossible. A severe drought made the entire village sit up and think. The only hope was the Watershed Development Programme offered by the Watershed Organisation Trust, (WOTR). But there was a catch. The watershed programme stipulated the participation of the entire village. So would the leaders bury their hatchet and rise above the rivalry? Would community spirit win over individual egos? Would Dongaon reverse its (mis) fortunes by embracing watershed development? The Dongaon Watershed Project was facilitated by Sanskriti Samvardhan Mandal. Dongaon – U turn to fortune is an important case study for individuals and organizations involved in the development sector.

Relearning From Reality

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(English, VCD, 24 mins)

In March 2004, Watershed Organisation Trust (WOTR) in collaboration with the Karl Kubel Foundation, Germany and the International Foundation for Agriculture and Development (IFAD), Italy organized an Exposure and Dialogue Programme (EDP).

Water Gives Life

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(English, VCD, 23 mins)

Water gives Life is an attempt to understand the importance of natural resource management through Watershed Development for creating sustainable livelihood opportunities for poverty alleviation.

This film focuses on the importance of community participation in resource conservation and management, since it is the concerned community, which is in constant interaction with their environment. The ownership of the project by these stakeholders is a precondition for its success and sustainability. The film also looks into the principles of the watershed management and its impacts.

The Silent Unfolding

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(English, DVD, 20 mins)

In 1996, a weary, drought ravaged Darewadi, turned towards Watershed Development as a last resort. They had not much to lose, for they had lost nearly everything to the devastating drought which had an extended stay in that region.The Watershed Development project implemented by the Watershed Organisation Trust (WOTR) Ahmednagar was completed by 2002. Since then Darewadi has never looked back. WOTR has a few hundred successful Darewadis in its ever growing portfolio of projects. Projects which aim at eradicating rural poverty by regenerating the environment and addressing developmental issues in rural areas in a professional, no-nonsense approach.

The Story of Painting

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(English, DVD, 14 mins)

The Story of Painting is a docu-drama has been filmed in Naralewadi (Dist. Jalna, Maharashtra) where WOTR has implemented Renewable Energy based technologies such as biogas plants, solar LEDs, etc. The intervention was made to stop traditional fuel consumption in the village (fuel wood, kerosene lamp, cow dung, etc.) which has been adversely affecting the health of the inhabitants and their ecosystem. The impact and the transformation following this project have been brought out in this film through Rama’s painting.

Khadkipada: A tale of development; an account of transformation

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(English, VCD, 24 mins)

This is the story of a village, Khadkipada, and its the journey from darkness towards the light.

Distress migration, indebtedness to money-lenders, ill health and illiteracy was a way of life. All seemed hopeless! The scenario changes with a self help effort facilitated by WOTR Caring for the land that they once exploited suddenly brings in the returns. The well water level rises, land becomes more productive, horticulture is introduced and there is a reason to stop the migration. Women too find a space to come together meaningfully. Now they see a ray of hope!