Prashna Sutala – Problem Resolved

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“Prashna Sutala” (Marthi; 5.40 mins) meaning “Problem Resolved” is the story of Sattechiwadi village of Ahmednagar district. The WOTR-Wasundhara program combining socio-economic empowerment with Watershed development has managed to break the vicious cycle of land degradation, water scarcity, poverty and migration and other associated issues typical to most rural communities today. Through this multi-faceted program, ecosystem rejuvenation and social cohesiveness come together to bring about positive change.


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(Marathi, VCD, 14 mins)

A Tale of a Village. The face and fate of the tiny hamlet of Purushwadi in the Sahyadri mountain ranges has changed completely thanks to the Watershed Development Programme. Success of the program can be attributed to the villagers participation in watershed related activities under the guidance of WOTR. Now that the balance of forest, soil and water has been restored the nature is blossoming in the village again.


Jambhore: Prayatne Valuche Kan Ragadita [Jambhore: Try again and you will succeed]

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(Marathi, VCD, 38 Mins)

The inhabitants of Jambhore, a small tribal village in the Dhule district are mainly engrossed in festive activities. Surviving on the natural resources of their village, they are oblivious of the depletion of these resources. They are unaware of the potential they have to resolve these issues. When WOTR enters the village, only difficulties seemed to surface.

Pangra (Marathi, VCD, Time: 18min)

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(Marathi, VCD, 18min)

Obstruct the soil and let water seep in – was the slogan to revive the environment. And the impacts are there for all to see… multiple cropping is now possible for the farmers. Water in the wells increased and it is now sufficient for the village throughout the year. Since work is now available within the village, migration has reduced. Children go to school because families are more stable. The percentage of school attendance has increased. Pangra village shows development in all aspects like health, education and cleanliness.

The environment and the people both are being rejuvenated!

Damalwadi & Wazar [Safe drinking water project]

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(Marathi, VCD, 25 Mins)

Damalwadi and Wazar were two drought prone villages of Maharashtra, where availability of drinking water was a perennial problem. The women were the most affected by this. The requirements to implement WOTR’s clean and safe drinking water project were do-able yet challenging.

This short film tells the story of how the Samyukt Mahila Samiti (Apex Body of Women’s Self Help Groups) challenged tradition and together resolved the water issue.